Pre-Departure Checks

A special checklist identifies the necessary safeguards to be undertaken prior to departure. It is supplemented by a list of checks and helpful hints to be followed when underway.


Winterising – Main Machinery, Domestic & Hotel Systems

A guide and checklist available for winterising your Main Propulsion, Domestic & Hotel System.


Boatyard/Drydock Work Guide and Check List

A comprehensive useful guide and checklist, prior to a boat yard starting work on your boat. This ensures they understand the scope of work to be carried out and provide an estimate of expected costs and advice on boatyard rules and customs. An important example for steel boats is to establish who is responsible for providing the fire sentry when welding is carried out. In all cases the boat insurance company should be informed.

This information has been put together with the help of the imardex-marine team and members who have many years of experience in dealing with boatyards and marine workshops.


Action after Grounding

A check list to assist the boater through a grounding scenario, and what to look for when inspecting keels, rudders and hull section, after such an event.


Boaters Community Forum

A Community Forum for Boaters – recently launched for members to discuss their maintenance and boating issues. This is a member’s only forum with the public able to view but not participate.


Compliance & Survey Services – Summer 2022

This service is to help members connect with compliance inspectors who have the tools to carry out inspections on behalf of governing and managing bodies.  Inspections include safety checks, main and auxiliary machinery maintenance checks, fit for purpose, CE markings, insurance, and general survey requirements.


Training Modules – Summer 2022

A range of training modules designed by imardex-marine for people who are new to boating or for those that need to enhance their maintenance skills, and knowledge of the systems of their boat.


Electric & Hybrid Marine Propulsion Systems – Spring 2022

Imardex-Marine is  introducing this important sector of the boating world with a comprehensive maintenance programme and guidelines for this new form of boating.


Emission Control & Waste Management Guidelines – Summer 2022

This new section dealing with 21st Century environmental issues.


Advertising and Sector Hosting

For companies wishing to advertise or host a sector, please contact the imardex-marine team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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